How do I start a campaign?

It's easy! Just click the Get Started menu option for more information. Please Note: Our campaigns are tailored for Canada, if you’re located in the United States, or any other part of the world, just send us an email first.

How long is a campaign run?

The length of the campaign can be from 7-21 days.

How much does it cost to start a campaign?

Nothing.  There is no upfront cost or risk to run a campaign through us.  You can choose to invest in promoting your shirt by using Facebook or other social platform ads. The amount you spend on advertising is up to you.

Is buying allowed outside Canada?

Anyone can purchase from a campaign regardless of what country they are located in. International shipping rates will apply outside of Canada.

Who handles customer service?

All customer service is handled by us.

What products can I choose from?

Our handpicked selection of items are listed under the tab Browse Products.

We are continuously expanding our selection and adding items that meet our specifications.  If you’re looking for something not listed there, just send an email to info@ibdigital.ca.

Can I offer my shirt in multiple colors or can I pick multiple items?

Yes, you can pick multiple colors, during the setup process you can decide which colors you want to allow.  If you want multiple items, we can create a dedicated website for you, however the setup and function of that differs from the campaigns.

Can I edit my artwork after my campaign has launched?

Unfortunately, no.  You can edit the appearance of your campaign site, the description, banner, logo, but the artwork and the item is locked in.

How much should I sell my product for?

That's up to you! There is a minimum cost to cover the costs of printing, so you can sell them for any price over this amount. The more you think you can sell, the lower your base price will be giving you more profit at a reasonable price to your buyers. However, if you set your goal too high, they may not sell, may not be produced or you may receive a lower profit per item sold.

Keep in mind, when you have a higher selling price, the markup can cover the costs to print them if you do not meet your goal.

How can I promote my campaign?

Campaigns are well suited to be promoted on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To increase your sales, post daily or more on each social network. Your campaign can go viral when people share it with others.

Can I put a link to my campaign on my website?

Yes! During the setup process you'll create a unique URL for your campaign that can be linked to from your website. This will help increase exposure to your campaign and help you generate more sales from supporters!

What happens if I meet my goal and the campaign has not ended?

You still keep selling your t-shirts until the campaign ends. The more you sell, the more profits you'll earn!

Can I cancel my campaign?

If No Orders Have Been Placed:
You can cancel your campaign by logging in to your Tfund account, selecting the campaign you would like to cancel and then clicking the "Campaign Management" tab and confirming your password to cancel your campaign. Please note if you use a Facebook account to log in to Tfund, you will need email our customer service team from the email address your Facebook account is registered to in order to request cancellation on your campaign.

If Orders Have Already Been Placed:
Please email our customer service team. Cancellation requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on the reason for cancellation. In some cases, t-shirts may still be printed even if the campaign has been cancelled.

What happens if I don't meet my goal?

What makes Tfund so special and different than others is that even if you haven't met your campaign goal, we may sometimes still be able to print your order. There's a few factors that we'll need to look at to determine if we can do this – the number sold, the price you've sold them for and your original sales goal. If we can print them for you, we'll send you and your supporters an email letting you know.

We'll also let you know if you've earned any profits from your campaign. Although you won't receive the profits you originally anticipated, you might receive some – which is always better than none! If you've earned profits, you can login into your WePay account that you created when you set up your campaign and collect your profits.

Is there any limit to the number of campaigns I can run?

There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create throughout the life of your Tfund account, however, you are limited to 25 active campaigns at any given time. However, if you have sold at least 25 units throughout all of your active campaigns, you will not be subject to the active campaign limit.info@ibdigital.ca.