A few years ago when we first met with the Winnipeg Goldeyes' Dugout Store, they had primarily been buyin screen printed t-shirts for their merchandise.  To keep the pricing reasonable for Goldeyes' fans they were producing only a handful of designs in large quantities and using a basic t-shirt to meet the high minimum requirements of screen printing.

Over time the store selection became stale and out of touch with what fans were actually looking for. Working in tandem with the merchandiser of the Dugout Store we created designs that were specifically crafter for hight-quality digital printing and helped develop a line of attractive apparel that catered to fans of all ages. Through our collaborative approach with the client we were able to ensure that each new design would be printed in a small quantity which, in turn, allowed for a bigger selection of merchandise in the store. For the 2018-19 year season opening around 30 new logo designs were available for purchase guaranteeing that fans could find something for everyone, regardless fo whether they were looking for options for infants, toddlers, youth, ladies or men.

Digital printing in small quantity bathes also helps to connect merchandies options with specialty marketing. Customization can facilitate limited-run themed t-shirts for events like Goldeyes' Zombie Night or Ukranian Night.


We extend our thanks to Edwin Carl, Josh McAdams and Alex Boshers of the Winnipeg Goldeyes for modelling samples of our work.

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